Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Like Coming Home and You Don't Know Where You've Been

So... I guess I'm not a very effective blogger. Oh well... whatcha gonna do. Life's been rough, husband's been out of town for the last, like, 8 weeks straight, and I've just been my little Energizer bunny self. However he's in town this WHOLE week (LUXURY!)

Last night he got home BEFORE the little man was in bed, so I said, hey, I'm going to FINISH my workout that was disrupted when the little one woke from his nap, I'm going to let YOU feed him dinner, and then I'm going out to get a MUCH needed pedicure. And that's exactly what I did. And it was HEAVENLY!!!! Then... and this is the kicker, HE MADE DINNER. I was so excited. I didn't have to eat alone AND I didn't have to cook. I really enjoy cooking, but who doesn't enjoy having food cooked for them?

I got a visit last weekend from my mama, and that was an absolute blast. She basked in the maternal glow of seeing me and my bro, and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all her grandkids. We did some major shopping, I got a much needed leisurely shopping-filled 3-day weekend. It's so great that I actually grew up and got a clue, I was honestly and truly an absolute horrible and terrible daughter for a good 7-10 years (aah, being a teenager and a know-it-all in my early 20s, what a wild ride that was). She gave me this cheesy candle holder one time that says, "Always a daughter now a friend". It's sappy but it's true, we really get along great together now and I honestly don't mind her daily phone calls (OK, I MOSTLY don't mind). All in all it was a fantastic trip and I didn't even mind getting up at 5:45 in a Sunday morning to take her to the airport. I was even chipper, and not because she was leaving, but because it was a great visit. I was sad to see her go, but happy that I have grown enough to appreciate her as the wonderful and strong, caring and loving woman she is.

Upcoming this week, husband's dad and brother are visiting. NOT as stressful, because honestly these dudes don't give a rat's ass if you haven't vacuumed your carpet in the last week. AND they both love to cook. So needless to say, it might just be another great weekend en casa de pooks.

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